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Filesystem restrictions on tmp folder

How to set java tmpdir directory path

By imposing filesystem restrictions on /tmp and /var/tmp, system administrators can maintain a more secure and efficient environment, protecting sensitive data, preventing resource abuse, and adhering to industry best practices.

If that is implemented, one could set application specific temporary directories for the Waratek Management Console products and elasticsearch. You can specify an application specific tmpdir by adding flags to your startup parameters.


In the /etc/systemd/system/management-console.service script:

java -Djna.tmpdir=/opt/tmp/exampledirectory -jar ...

Please note that you will have to specify the temp dir before you specify the jar files.

Also you need to reload the service after updating: systemctl daemon-reload

Directory specified must be writable by management-console user.


In the /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch file



(For newer Elasticsearch, use Djava.io.tmpdir instead of Djna.tmpdir)

This folder should have execute permissions for the elasticsearch user