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Support Tickets

Basic Information Required for Product Questions

This information should be added to the issue upon creation:

  1. The scenario under which Waratek product/s allegedly fail, clearly stated via the Steps to Reproduce, Expected Output, Actual Output issue fields

  2. The name/s and version/s of the Waratek product/s being used, eg: Java Secure 23.0.0 / .NET Core Secure 3.1.0.

  3. The Waratek configuration files for all affected products, (attach the files to the issue)

  4. The Waratek rules files for all affected products, (attach the files to the issue) 

  5. The log files / stack traces for all affected Waratek products / third party software such as application servers (attach files to the issue)  

  6. Regarding the environment, please be very specific when stating

    1. The operating system name/s and version/s, eg: Windows Server 2012 x64

    2. The JDK / .NET Framework vendor, name/s, version/s, data-model, eg: Oracle HotSpot 8u291 64-bit  / Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.8 x86

    3. Where applicable, the affected application server name and version, eg: IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

    4. Where applicable, the affected application / framework / database / datastore name and version, eg: Apache 2.5.12 / Microsoft SQL Server 2008 / Elasticsearch 7.2.0

    5. Where applicable, the other Java / .NET agents name/s and version/s in use / affected, eg: Dynatrace OneAgent 1.216.

Furthermore, screenshots (eg: for the Portal / MC UI) may need to be provided as well as security information (eg: for Java policies for Security Managers, MC deployment topology etc) where applicable.   

Most of the issue types should be self explanatory. 
Please choose the issue type which matches most closely the reason you are contacting us for.

Incidents are most likely in conjunction with for example a suspected security breach,

whereas problems would probably indicate unexpected behaviour. 

Severity 1 and 2 issues should be reserved for Production only!